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Calcium Gummi” is the food with nutrient function claims recommended with confidence by Suku-suku Noppo-kun (Mr. Long growing quickly and healthily), who has long backed up the growth of children with mothers.

Here are the amazing things about the Calcium Gummi!

Cross section of the Calcium Gummi - it is crispy outside, and soft inside. Let’s form the habit of chewing foods!

It is important for kids to take sufficient minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc for their fair growth.

Although the most important thing is to take well-balanced meals every day, Calcium Gummi was developed to supplement these kinds of nutrition apt to run short.

Additionally, lots of trials are repeated in order to enhance the taste and the product was made into a “gummi candy,” which most children love.

Calcium Gummi has won the “Supreme Gold Prize” in the Monde Selection of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, five years in a row.

Here are the amazing things about the Calcium Gummi!

Formulation pursuing the children’s nutrition balance

Recommended amount of calcium intake at the age when children need it most, and the actual intake.

“Calcium, magnesium, and zinc are combined with good balance.”
Nutrition such as protein, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, is inevitable to the growth of kids.

Calcium Gummi is produced with the aim of supplying adequate nutrition by blending nutrition in well-balance.

Nutritional Components Display (per 6 tablets)
calcium zinc magnesium vitamin D
233.8mg 1.0mg 66.3mg 1.9μg

Very delicious yogurt taste! Gummi candies loved by children! Additionally, you can enjoy 3 kinds of tastes in total.

photo:3 tastes gummi

The delicious yogurt-taste “Calcium Gummi” has been created by repeating countless trials, considering the feedbacks of children.

It is the Calcium Gummi which we pursued ease-of-eating, and taste, stuck to the gummi shape, which children love. Because they can eat them like a snack, it would be recommended to those who are not so good at tablets or supplements to continue taking them.

Although it is so delicious, it has only 23 kcal per 6 tablets!

Productindication of nutrient function
Calcium Gummi Calcium Gummi
● Calcium is a nutrition necessary for structuring bones and teeth.
● Vitamin D is a nutrition to promote absorption of calcium in the enteron, thereby supporting the construction of bones.
Calcium Gummi Fe Calcium Gummi Fe
● Calcium is a nutrition necessary for structuring bones and teeth.
● Vitamin B6 is a nutrition supporting generation of energy from protein and health preservation of skin and mucous membrane.
Calcium Gummi VC Calcium Gummi VC
● Calcium is a nutrition necessary for structuring bones and teeth.
● Vitamin D is a nutrition to promote absorption of calcium in the enteron, thereby supporting the construction of bones.

With severe quality management, making much of the safety!

The coating technology, which produces the taste of Calcium Gummi and enhances its preserving property, is the special field which requires the highest technique among manufacturing processes.

It is Calcium Gummi which is manufactured in the plants with prominent technology in Japan, with strict production management and quality control.

In our production system, every process from stock of raw material to the shipment satisfies the standard defined to assure that the product is manufactured “safe,” and maintain a “definite quality.”

Additionally, no preservative is used in the product.


トウモロコシThe fermented L-lactate calcium, which is used in Calcium Gummi, is derived from vegetable components taken from corn, a natural material. The fermented L-lactate calcium is nonhazardous to human bodies.

→Allergy information of the product is here.

商品名 特定原材料 特定原材料に準ずるもの

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安心安全 安心の返品、返金保証

The mechanism of kids’ growth

The mechanism of kids’ growth

Growth of the kids’ bodies means the growth of bones.

There is a cartilage part called epiphysial line (a.k.a. growth line) in children’s bones. Kids grow when the epiphyseal line grows.

But when they become adult, the epiphyseal line becomes hard bone and the bone do not grow any more.

image:Epiphyseal line(Growth line)

Three major factors of the growth of kids; “nutrition,” “sleep,” and “fitness.”

For the growth of the epiphysial line, it is necessary to take the three factors “nutrition,” “sleep,” and “fitness” sufficiently.

We should keep the basic lifestyle, taking well-balanced meal, playing outdoors a lot, and sleeping sound.


Nutrition: The basic is taking sufficient well-balanced meals. The nutrition outstandingly important for the growth of children is said to be calcium, protein, magnesium, and zinc.

Especially, calcium is the nutrition of which the absorption in the intestine is poor, and hence it is the nutrition least sufficient among children. Therefore it is important to take care not to run short.


Sleep: The most important hormone for the growth of children is “growth hormone.”

The growth hormone is secreted most while kids are having sound sleep called stage 3, 4. Therefore it is important to get sound sleep efficiently. The proverbial remark “a well-slept child is a well-kept child” is scientifically true.


Finess: It is important to work out in order to stimulate the epiphyseal line adequately. It is especially recommended to take an exercise every day. Waling or rope skipping is OK. Additionally, avoiding excess stress, receiving good affection from parents, and prevent severe injuries are also important.

Is the necessary nutrition supplied enough?

Nutrition, one of the three major factors of kids’ growth.

Proteins are comparatively easy to take from meals, but calcium, magnesium and zinc are apt to run short if they are taken exclusively from food.

Especially, although calcium is the nutrition essential for the growth of kids’ bones, its absorbance in the intestine is low and emitted in feces. Therefore currently there is a problem that it is difficult to take sufficient calcium from meals. Additionally, intake of calcium is currently further insufficient because of the spread of convenience food and snacks.

So, we have studied the balance of nutrition so that the product can support the improvement of the possibility of kids’ growth as a “plus alpha” of the meal.

Moreover, we have developed a product repeating monitoring children, pursuing the ease-of-eating and taste so that they can enjoy eating it. The outcome is the Calcium Gummi.




Customer Feedback


Taiga(17 years old)and Manga(10 years old)

They are happily enjoying it together

The “calcium life” was launched when the elder son was in the third year of the elementary school. Currently the little sister is also eating the “Calcium Gummi” together. They are always prepared on the dining table now and they are sharing them peacefully.


Rei Shiraiwa(11 years old)

Always stocked in our kitchen counter♪

We began using Suku-suku (growing quickly and healthily) calcium, worrying about the nutrition balance of the kid with less appetite and who don’t care for dairy products, and currently my kid is eating Calcium Gummi. Now he can’t do without 3 tablets of Calcium Gummi after every meal, three times a day.


Eriko(9 years old)and Mayuko(5 years old)

We always have Calcium Gummi on our dining table.

I began using it when the older sister was 6, expecting it to be good for the kid. Now all members of our family are using the calcium of Suku-suku Noppo, including Calcium Gummi of various tastes.


Yuki(7 years old)and Riki(11 years old)

It’s said that it’s always placed beside the dining table.

Beginning with the granular “Suku-suku (quick and healthy growth) Calcium,” they are enjoying Calcium Gummi. Each kid eats 3 tablets after the breakfast and supper. It is a routine now. They are willingly taking it as if a set included in the meal.


Kazuma Sakata(9 years old)

I always eat it after breakfast.

My dream is to be a professional golfer playing in the major world tournament. Growth is also important in the world of golf, so I began taking Calcium Gummi in order to be stronger. I love its crunchy mouthfeel, so I eat it every morning.


Natsumi(8 years old)and Yuka(7 years old)

They eat it well every day.

Both of the sisters want to be professional women’s soccer players. Because body development is important in soccer, they began eating Calcium Gummi. They like it so much that they are really delighted, saying “I’ve been waiting for that,” at the time I give it.


Yuki Hashimoto(13 years old)and Miku(12 years old)

Both of the brothers eat it so that they can take well-balanced nutrition!


Yudai Kise(6 years old)

Because I’ve been worrying how we can take sufficient calcium, I’m really glad!


Osamu Kitayama(7 years old)and Yuri(5 years old)

The “Calcium Gummi” is so delicious that they ask for one repeatedly!


Haruka Isaka(9 years old)and Aya(8 years old)

Supplementing the nutrition with “Calcium Gummi,” aiming at the Junior Olympic!


Yuta Uragami(4 years old)
and Marina(2 years old)


Kohei Fueki(7 years old)


Hayato Sato(10 years old)
and Akira(7 years old)


Mayu Masatsugu(12 years old)


Yugo Yoshimi(11 years old)


Takumi Serizawa(14 years old)


Haruna Negoro(14 years old)

Lots of delightful letters are delivered as well!

★New Letters

●Rina Yokoyama(10 years old)・Taisei(7 years old)
All of the family eat it.

※Comment from Noppo (Mr. Long)

Thank you for the picture of the wonderful family! Dad, Mom, Rina-chan, Taisei, Maron-chan, all are drawn well!

●Okinawa Momoka(4 years old)
The four-year-old daughter is eating Calcium Gummi, like eating candies.

She seems to like its cracking feeling. I’ve given calcium in a tablet before, but she did not eat regularly for long time, which I was concerned about. Because she willingly eats Calcium Gummi, both I and the daughter are glad. I’ve decided to order the volume set. I want to continue eating the gummi, while reviewing the regular lifestyle. I’m looking forward to her growth.

●Nagano 資貴くん・滉貴くん(5 years old)
We’ll continue Calcium Gummi from now on as well.

They are five-year-old twin boys. Both dislike milk. They like Calcium Gummi, which they willingly eat it every day. They continue the Calcium Gummi.

●Aichi Anonymous(8 years old・4 years old)
Both are enjoying it!

Both the brother of 2nd year in the elementary school and the sister in the kindergarten are enjoying it. I hope they grow a lot.

●Kanagaqa 倖輝くん・陽路くん
They are no reluctant eating it‼

I’ve been worrying about the nutrition of younger son, also because of the likes and dislikes in what he eats. But I’m relived a little, expecting that the calcium is supplemented. Anyway, kids are eating it without any reluctance. That’s the good thing. I’m continue giving it.

●Aichi 愛海(9 years old)大貴くん(6 years old)
I want to continue it in order to earn good result and tell the good news!

I’ve ordered Suku-suku Calcium and Uni-Calcium, worrying about the growth. But the kid did not like it and I was disappointed…. But after hearing that Calcium Gummi was launched, I decided to try it again and gave it. Then, there was the delightful answer; “Mom, it’s very good. I can eat it every day!” The life with the Calcium Gummi has just begun. I’m going to continue it so that I can tell you good news!

●Ishikawa 望月くん 花
We used to be troubled with the kids’ distaste for milk.

It is 3 month since both the brother and sister began eating it. They eat it every day like eating snacks. Because the big brother can’t drink milk, it is very helpful that he can take calcium with Gummi. The kid sister also dislikes milk, maybe influenced by the brother. I’ve been worrying about that. I want to continue that.

●Hyogo 匿名(9 years old)
We eat it with the grandmother.

Calcium Gummi is crunchy outside, and soft inside! That’s why I can continue eating it. I’m eating it with grandmother.

●Tokyo 晃太くん(7 years old)
It is the daily routine of both the parents and the kid now.

It is one year since the son, who doesn’t care for milk, began Suku-suku Noppo. Because Calcium Gummi is delicious, he always comes to me saying “give me gummi!” When I’ve tried it, I realized that it’s really delicious! It is the daily routine of both the parents and the kid now.

●Saitama 美緒(11 years old)
She’s willingly eating it.

My daughter attends a dance school and gets often injured. Thinking that she lacks sufficient calcium, I gave her Calcium Gummi. She seemed to like it very much and she willingly eats it every day. I want to continue giving it, looking forward to the growth.

Calcium Gummi supports the kids seriously engaged in the sports.

Directory of the Street-kids

Let me introduce the kids currently endeavoring to become top athletes while utilizing Calcium Gummi for daily nutrition supplement.



The standard amount of calcium intake

The standard amount of calcium intake explained by a Dietician

Profile of the dietician Yukie Isomura

Profile of the dietician

Yukie Isomura(磯村優貴恵)

She has supplied dietary counseling to the customers in the salon as a dietitian.

Afterwards making full use of the numerous kinds of experiences including cook of Japanese, Italian, French, Ethnic foods, etc., and patissier, she is currently recommending meals appropriate for individuals or giving advice to both adults and infants.

Qualification: National Registered Dietician, Food coordinator, License of Horse Riding

It is desirable to take well-balanced food to take various nutrition elements for the growth of children.

Especially the one inevitable to the growth of the bone is calcium.

According to the “Standard dietary intake of nutrition (2010 edition)” recommended intake of calcium for kids of 12 to 14 years old is 1,000 mg for boys, and 800 mg for girls, but the actual intake is 693 mg among boys and 614 mg among girls.

Because these values are average, the fact is that there are lots of children short of calcium.

If they eat more the meal to take more calcium, the excess of calories would be also something to worry about.Therefore, it would be a method to supplement the insufficient calcium with Calcium Gummi.

image:Dietary reference intake of calcium




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